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Unitrix Global is an innovative online network marketing, script development, investment and paid to click platform that provides you quick and easy way to advertise and earn simultaneously. We aim to create an empire that connects ethnic groups and nations to provide an easier and efficient means of advertisement and exchanging traffics. Our project is also set out to promote human welfare development and to reach for the financial empowerment of people through coperate donations and direct compensation on successful trade of our digital products.

We desire that our members prevail in their businesses and spontaneously prevail with us in our direct sales network marketing company. Hence, we devised and operate a team forced auto upgrading matrix system to execute our objectives and encourage our members in business growth and network development. We reward our partners for their activities and long term dedication with cash and credit tokens. Though we provide few options to acquire micro credits and extra cash for free, there are better ways to make income profusely as an active member. By reason of never forfeiting income, we implemented in our program a unique cash storage system to help in recovering missed income.

By working with us and referring others into the system, you advertise our website and online services which in turn increment donations and commissions on product acquisition thereby building a wider and stronger network allowing everyone to reach their goals faster. There are easier ways and exceptional means to open gates to financial freedom for yourself which begins by making the right choice and taking your very first step in joining unitrix global.


To become an open gateway to the world of endless opportunities and possibilities empowering our members to attain financal stability through the internet.

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